We Provide A Wide Variety Of Diagnostic And Treatment Services


Preventive Health
Yearly physical exams
Diabetes/cholesterol screenings
Cardiac risk-factor screenings
Cancer screenings for men and women
Nutrition evaluation and exercise counseling
Smoking cessation
Pediatric and adult immunizations
Stress management
Weight management

Acute Medical Problems
Colds and flu
Back, chest and abdominal pain
Skin disorders

Treatment and Prevention of Chronic Conditions
High blood pressure
High cholesterol

Minor Emergencies
Sprains and strains
Minor office surgeries


Children’s Health
Developmental screenings
School and sport physicals
Nutritional counseling
Childhood obesity evaluations
Injury prevention
Adolescent medicine

Senior-Adult Health
Prostate exams
Blood pressure/cholesterol screenings
Arthritis treatment
Clinical geriatrics
Cancer screenings

Obstetric Care
Cesearean section
Tubal ligation

Laser-assisted skin rejuvenation
Laser hair removal
Microderm Abrasion
Chemical peels
And more …

Adult Health
Men’s exam including cholesterol, prostate, liver, kidney and diabetes screenings
Women’s exam including Pap smear and gynecological exam, cholesterol, liver, kidney and diabetes screenings
Birth-control counseling
Menopause treatment and management
Osteoporosis treatment and management
Urinary incontinence

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